Car Solutions (Welwyn) Ltd​


How We work

Why pay for diagnostic service?
In most cases you will pay for the time it takes for someone to check your car and tell you what the fault is.  Many places will cover the cost of this in with any labour time quoted to complete the job.  
We offfer a clear pricing service.  Yes we charge for diagnosing the fault but we only then charge the time taken to complete any work required.  Once testing has been completed we will then give you a quote for any work/parts required and you have the choice as to whether we continue or not.  Any parts changed on the car are also offered back to the customer to ensure our customers can be clear on what work has been done.

Unfortunately many people find out the hard way that our service is efficient after fitting parts to a car that does not solve their problem.

How are we different?


We offer a diagnostic service for a fixed cost of £70+VAT. fit the first hour.  The majority of vehicles are diagnosed in this time. Our diagnostic service is not a 'CodeRead' other garages may offer you as we do more than simply read fault codes, we perform futher testing including checking wiring and stripping parts as required in order to accurately solve the problem.  Should we be in the very rare position of being unable to diagnose your fault then we would not charge a fee.

If more time or parts are required to resolve the issue you will be contacted with futher information requesting permission to proceed.


Services we offer.

 Below is a summary of some of the main services we offer.  If you require help with something not listed please feel free to contact us.

Diagnosing Engine Warning Lights
Key Programming
All warning lights for Airbag, ABS system etc
Supply and fit parking sensors and Hands-free
Wiring faults for Lights and indicators
Diagnose Emissions Fail for MOT
Engine running rough
All Electical Fault finding on post 2000 vehicles
Non start diagnostics
Parking Sensor Faults
All major makes and models covered to dealer level including any required programming and software updates.